I am a freelance sculptor, model maker and designer from Dublin, now based in Co. Kildare, Ireland.


After many years working in the construction industry as an electrician i eventually decided to persue a more creative career path. In 2009 i enrolled in a portfollio preperation course where i worked towards getting a place in an art college.

The model making degree course at the Institute of art, design and technology, Dun laoghaire, stood out to me, not only did it envolve elements of asthetic design but also practical skills like mould making and fabrication technicques. During my 4 years at iadt i became increasingly interested it figurative sculpture and character design, i spent, and continue to spend, alot of time studying the anatomy of people, animals, birds and insects, aswell as looking at the work of the great classical sculptors like Bernini and Michaelanhelo.


After graduating college in 2014 i worked on a number of television productions in Ireland, Showtime's 'Penny Dreadfull', season three, a television pilot for a show called 'Dawn', and AMC's 'Into the Badlands' seasons two and three. Throughout these shows i was able to continue to improve my skills as a maker and gained a deeper knowledge of materials and processes used in the making of three dimentional objects.


I set up this this website to show my personal artwork, i feel my pieces are continually evolving as my abilities as a sculptor continue to grow. I think that over time this will be evident by looking at my gallery.


Thanks for visiting and taking the time to look around my website and feel free to contact me if your interested in or wish to know more about my work.








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